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LeEnticing Global is an innovative firm wishing to carve out a position in the B2B market. It provides a variety of services like BedsValue (Online B2B BedBank), which is an online B2B hotel booking service with several hotels, apartments, and the ability to activities tours; Enticing Apartments (World’s First B2C Online Booking), which is the world’s first B2C online system for booking long-term accommodation in different parts of the world, and Visa Imprint (A B2B online visa system) which offers distribution network a hassle-free way to apply for visas for countries that provide E-Visa. It offers all kinds of hospitality needs which are an essential requirement around the globe.

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Why Choose Us ?

  • Long experience working with hotels
  • Massive distribution system
  • The world’s fastest-growing B2B bedbank
  • Flexibility in rates and inventory
  • Global Destination Insights Tool by LeEnticing
  • Extranets that are adaptable and channel managers

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